Monitoring atmospheric composition & climate

Summary of activities from GRG/WP 56 (Targeted analysis of extreme events) J. Flemming et al. 718.1 KB 2014-08-01
D_53.1: Report on the influence of a priori assumptions on tropospheric satellite NO2 retrievals A. Richter et al. 3.4 MB 2014-07-31
D_57.3: Report on the impact of different wind fields on the modelling of transport and ozone chemistry in the lower stratosphere S. Chabrillat et al. 2.8 MB 2014-07-29
D_57.7: Code for chemical box model kernel for variational emission source inversion K. Kasradze and H. Elbern 959.8 KB 2014-07-26
D_57.5: Preliminary documentation of C-IFS code J. Flemming et al. 7.6 MB 2014-07-25
D_57.4: Report on the performance of C-IFS data assimilation code A. Inness 5.1 MB 2014-07-04
D_57.6: Code for linearized chemistry schemes D. Cariolle 5.2 MB 2014-07-04
D_53.2: Report on progress of GRG data assimilation A. Inness 1.6 MB 2014-07-04
D_54.3: KNMI multi-sensor reanalysis version 2: 33 year ozone record R. van der A, M. Allaart and H. Eskes 636.8 KB 2014-06-09
D_57.2: Report on differences in stratospheric chemistry schemes and their potential impact on model results F. Baier, S. Chabrillat and O. Stein 3.1 MB 2014-06-09
D_55.4: Model description of the IFS-MOZART and IFS-TM5 coupled systems O. Stein, V. Huijnen and J. Flemming 3.3 MB 2014-01-02
D_57.1 J Flemming 430.9 KB 2012-04-24