Monitoring atmospheric composition & climate

D_143.1: Coordinated content of project web portal R. Engelen and V.-H. Peuch 635.2 KB 2014-12-30
D_143.3: Communications activities performed by for MACC-II 3.5 MB 2014-08-01
D_143.2: User queries summary report T. Holzer-Popp 722.7 KB 2014-07-26
D_141.10: User Requirements Document v5.0 (Update) Thomas Holzer-Popp et al. 1.0 MB 2014-07-26
D_142.4: OGC compatible web services for regional products J.Meyer-Arnek et al. 863.0 KB 2014-07-26
D_142.3: Regional Metadata Services J. Meyer-Arnek et al. 742.7 KB 2014-07-26
D_141.12: User Feedback Summary Report T. Holzer-Popp 2.1 MB 2014-07-26
D_141.9: User Workshop Report (2nd MACC-II User Workshop) Amy Stidworthy et al. 759.10 KB 2014-07-25
D_141.3: User Advisory Board Report Amy Stidworthy et al. 667.8 KB 2014-07-25
D_142.2: Global Metadata Services X. Yang and R. Engelen 1.0 MB 2014-07-22
D_144.1: Annual training report - Month 17 to Month 33 Richard Engelen 630.3 KB 2014-07-22
D_144.2: eTraining material Richard Engelen 629.10 KB 2014-07-22
D_142.1: Analysis of technical interfaces and metadata definitions for MACC-II services T. Holzer-Popp et al. 698.4 KB 2014-05-01
D_144.3: Final Report of MACC-II Summer School Claire Granier et al. 2.4 MB 2014-05-01
D_142.1: Analysis of technical interfaces and metadata definitions for MACC-II services Thomas Holzer-Popp et al. 694.7 KB 2013-12-05
D_143.2: User Requirements Update v1 (template) Thomas Holzer-Popp et al. 108.5 KB 2013-10-21
D_141.7: Support to MAN.3 (Service Specifications) Thomas Holzer-Popp 655.8 KB 2013-10-21
D_141.6: Service Utility Report v1 (template) Thomas Holzer-Popp et al. 113.0 KB 2013-10-21
D_141.5: Templates for General and Dedicated SLA Thomas Holzer-Popp et al. 648.2 KB 2013-10-21
D_141.4: User Requirements Document Update v4.1 (10/2012) Thomas Holzer-Popp and L. Kluser 1008.1 KB 2013-10-21
D_141.2: Report of first User Workshop (Harwell, June 2013) Amy Stidworthy et al. 850.1 KB 2013-10-21