Monitoring atmospheric composition & climate

D_133.2: Specification document for the advanced scenario toolbox L. Rouil 1.3 MB 2014-07-31
D_134.3: User classifications H. Haubold 912.10 KB 2014-07-31
D_134.2: First policy-user workshop M. Gauss 631.10 KB 2014-07-31
D_133.4: Advanced toolbox available on the internet M. Gauss 630.0 KB 2014-07-31
D_131.3: Results from future scenario runs M. Gauss and V. Shamsudheen Semeena 2.3 MB 2014-07-31
D_132.2: Report on detected air-pollution events, their source allocation – first operational experience M. Gauss et al. 1.6 MB 2014-07-31
D_133.3: Report on the elaboration of green scenarios I. Coll et al. 6.4 MB 2014-07-31
D_132.1: Source-Receptor calculations in forecast mode operational M. Gauss et al. 1.8 MB 2014-07-31
D_131.2: Identification of systemic differences between EMEP status and EVA assessment A. Benedictow and M. Gauss 2.7 MB 2014-07-01
D_133.1: Evaluation of long term scenarios (2015, 2020, 2030) applicable at the European scale I. Coll et al. 3.8 MB 2013-05-31
D_131.1: First results from the source-receptor calculations on region-to-region resolution M. Gauss et al. 1.0 MB 2013-05-31
D_134.1: Website presenting MACC-II products for policy use L. Rouil et al. 629.8 KB 2013-05-31