Monitoring atmospheric composition & climate
Eruption of Grimsvotn volcano

On 21 May 2011 the Icelandic volcano Grimsvotn started erupting, emitting large amounts of ash particles, sulphur dioxide, and water vapour. We refer to the web pages of the London Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre (VAAC) for up-to-date information and advisories to the public. Up-to-date satellite observations of the volcanic sulphur dioxide plume are provided by the Support to Aviation Control Service (SACS).

grimsvotn.gifMACC is developing services to support institutions that are providing advice and warnings related to atmospheric composition. While MACC is already capable of providing detailed forecasts of atmospheric air quality, the accurate forecasting of volcanic plumes is still in research mode. MACC is exploring the options of using available satellite data togther with computer models for atmospheric composition to improve future plume forecasts after volcanic eruptions world-wide. Detailed information about the current MACC capabilities can be found on the volcanic monitoring page.

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