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Air quality forecasts for football World Cup

mean_o3_1500_D2_small.pngThe air quality modelling team at TNO in the Netherlands is taking advantage of the 2014 Football World Cup to test drive their operational air quality forecasting system over the Brazilian East Coast. TNO is a partner in MACC-II and contributes in collaboration with KNMI to the MACC-II regional model ensemble with the LOTOS-EUROS air quality model.

Within the framework of the Brazilian Air Quality (BRAQ) project a 4 day air quality forecast has been set up for Brazil providing information on concentrations of ozone, nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter.

The MACC-II global forecasting system provides the boundary conditions for the LOTOS-EUROS regional model and wildfire emissions estimated by the MACC-II Global Fire Assimilation System (GFAS) also form an important input for the air quality forecasts. 

Daily forecast maps for Brazil as well as more detailed information are accessible through the LOTOS-EUROS web site.

Detailed forecasts for individual hosting cities are also available.