Monitoring atmospheric composition & climate
Global Near-Real-Time Data Access

Data Access Options

Currently MACC-III provides its global NRT analyses and forecasts in three different ways:

Interactive data access to full dataset (ECMWF data server)


batch data access using ECMWF Web API web services;

GRIB and NetCDF format;

from July 2012;

Operationally supported routine daily access (ECMWF FTP server)


recommended for operational usage;

batch access using FTP protocol;

GRIB and NetCDF format;

three latest forecasts kept online;

Interactive data access and plotting (FZ Juelich data server)


not operationally supported;

batch data access using OGC web services;

NetCDF format;



Data Licence

The MACC-III data access is governed by the following licence terms.

In case you have more specific data requirements[doc], please consider setting up a Service Licence Agreement (SLA)[doc] with the MACC-II consortium. The MACC-III consortium is also very interested to hear about your use of the data[doc]. Please contact us for further information.