Monitoring atmospheric composition & climate
Reanalysis of global atmospheric composition (2003 - 2012)

The data assimilation system used to produce the MACC reanalysis is based on a 2010 release of the IFS (Cy36r1). The system includes a 4-dimensional variational analysis (4D-Var) with a 12-hour analysis window for O3, CO, NO2, SO2, HCHO, and aerosols. Other reactive gases are available from the coupled chemistry transport model MOZART. The spatial resolution of the data set is approximately 80 km (T255 spectral) on 60 vertical levels from the surface up to 0.1 hPa for the analysed species and 1.125° by 1.125° at the same 60 levels for the other chemical species.

The MACC reanalysis data can be downloaded from the ECMWF Data Server or directly retrieved from MARS (class=mc, expver=rean) for all analysed species as well as the meteorology. The additional chemical species from the coupled MOZART model are available upon request from the ECMWF ECFS archive. 

The output of the reanalysis has been validated by the MACC-II VAL sub-project and the latest information is available in a validation report.

An open-access journal article describing the chemistry part of the MACC reanalysis is available from Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. We are aware of several quality issues with MACC reanalysis data.