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Air Quality & Atmospheric Composition

Air quality and atmospheric compositionAir quality is defined as the quality of the air that one directly breathes at the surface. It directly affects lives of most European citizens. It forms a signicant risk factor for various health conditions and can also aggravate existing health conditions, such as respiratoy disease. On a larger scale, atmospheric composition represents the full state of the global atmosphere covering phenomena such as desert dust plumes, long-range transport of atmospheric pollutants and ash plumes from volcanic eruptions, but also variations and long-term changes in the background concentrations of trace components.

MACC-II uses a comprehensive global monitoring and forecasting system that estimates the state of the atmosphere on a daily basis, combining information from models and observations, and it provides a daily 5-day forecast. The global modelling system is also used to provide the boundary conditions for an ensemble of more detailed regional air quality models that are used to zoom in on the European domain and produce 4-day forecasts of air quality.

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atrain-1_small.gifBeginning of July 2012, Seattle and Vancouver were covered in a thick haze which exceeded regulations for particulate matter. MACC-II forecasts of aerosol and carbon monoxide were instrumental in showing that this pollution was caused by smoke coming from wild fires in Asia and not from local or even national sources, such as the wild fires in Colorado. MACC-II therefore provided important information for local authorities to judge the situation.